B4U Kadak wins 'MOD Bike Winner' 2019

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B4U Network has one more reason to celebrate this year before the year ends as the B4U Kadak bike wins the bike of the year at India Bike week held in Goa recently. B4U Networks Sales head C.F. Moses who is passionate about bikes and participates every year at the India Bike week showcased his passion by participating in the board track racing bike inspired design model for the bike this year. The bike was launched on 31st Nov in Rider Mania Goa initially.
The India Bike Week has participants from across the country and one needs to stand out by showcasing unique bikes that have been passionately built and are conceptually strong. Board track racing was a type of motorsport popular in the United States during the 1910s and 1920s. The competition was conducted on circular or oval race courses with surfaces composed of wooden planks. For these races, the bikes built had to be robust and could take a lot of resistance and crashes and were truly Kadak. Thus, this year B4U Kadak customized the bike as Kadak which goes with the robustness of the board track racing bikes.
Associating the brand with relevant art that matches the concept is something the network has done in the past too when B4U Music created the World’s tallest Wind Chime and gave a musical experience to 2 cr. Mumbaikars who experienced the installation at Andheri Station over a month.
B4U Kadak, a leading Hindi Movie channel launched this year in May has shown Kadak performance over the last 6 months with Kadak content which is a mix of Hindi Dubbed South Movies along with Bollywood Movies which support Kadak and meaningful cinema.